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By Sarah Hapgood

The new(ish) wireless set informed them that they were in for a spell of hot but stormy weather. The combination of storm clouds and sultry-ness was intoxicating. Senses were heightened even more than usual. Hillyard complained that his first beer harvest wasn’t being given full attention.

“You’ve made it, we’re drinking it”, said Joby “So what is the problem?”

One hot, overcast afternoon Adam, Joby, Bardin and Bengo went over to inspect the long, low building attached to the tower. This was ostensibly to see if the kitchen - which part of it had once been - could be used again (although Adam and Joby had pretty much decided that there wasn’t a cat-in-hell’s chance of them cooking there). Everyone knew though that this was really an excuse for the Club to meet. The combination of the sultry, intense weather and Bardin’s willingness to be spanked was too much to resist.

They had done a cursory inspection of the rusted, broken-down old stove first though. Joby pronounced that it was only fit for a skip.

“Yes I rather think you’re right”, said Adam “Though ripping it would probably cause the building to fall down!”

There was a loud growl of thunder in the near distance.

“C’mon let’s get on with it”, said Joby, excitedly “These are perfect conditions”.

Bardin had been quiet and subdued on the trip over to the dilapidated house. Normally he would have been bustling around, but he didn’t want to shatter the mood. Plus two vigorous spankings in two days, and now the imminence of a third had concentrated his mind wonderfully. Thinking of everything, Bengo had carried the chair over from their cabin so that Adam could sit down, and put Bardin over his knees properly. It was positioned near the doorway at the back of the room, which faced the woods. The door itself had long since disappeared, but Bengo and Joby stood in front of it, partly to obscure the view in the (very unlikely) even there were any strangers around, but mainly to complete the atmosphere of very intimate chastisement.

Sounds were amplified in this barn-like structure. The rustle of Bardin’s starched shorts, the creak of the chair, and the satisfactory smacks as Adam spanked that pert bottom.

“Blimey, heady stuff”, said Joby, during a pause in proceedings.

The rain began to fall. Great, voluptuous drops splattering on the broken concrete slabs outside the back door.

“I think we should wait here a bit until it eases”, said Bardin, who was now standing, leaning against the door-jamb, looking out. He hadn’t put his trousers back on. That could wait until they returned home. His bottom was very warm. He felt almost mystical in his mellowness.

“I’ve brought a hip-flask with me”, said Adam, producing it out of the small canvas-bag he had arrived with “For just this eventuality”.

“What else have you got in there?” said Joby, peering in.

“A hunk of cheese to nibble on”, said Adam “Plus the hairbrush. But I decided at the last minute it seemed more apt today to give him a good smack with my hand instead. He had the hairbrush from me yesterday, and the paddle from Julian the day before”.

“The acoustics were perfect”, said Bengo “I’m so proud of you, Bardy”.

“Bardin, I think we love you more and more everyday”, said Joby.

“Yes, the pleasure you give us is phenomenal”, said Adam.

“It pleasures me too”, said Bardin, accepting a swig from the flask.

“We won’t always get conditions as perfect as this”, said Joby “On sunny days somebody would always be farting about in the brewery next door”.

“On days like this the Club meets here”, said Adam “Agreed? We have the wireless set to keep us informed of possible storms”.

“Sod’s law will dictate we’re now in for dry weather for the rest of the summer!” Bengo joked.

“Oh don’t fret, old love”, said Adam “We’ve never been short of ideas so far. Actually, when the rain stops, I’d like to sit outside the back door before we go back. Put Bardin over my knee there”.

“Outdoor spanking?” said Joby “Very rural, very rustic”.

“Or are you worried we might be seen?” Adam asked Bardin.

“Out here?” Bardin shrugged “I doubt it. No one comes round here. Anyway I don’t care. It sounds great”.

“I suppose at some point we’ll have to explore the woods”, Adam sighed, as though this was a tiresome duty.

“I doubt Hillyard will be able to use the truck”, said Bardin “The trees are quite densely packed. I think it’ll have to be on foot”.

“He’s saving the truck for exploring up beyond the back of the town”, said Joby.

“Yes, it’s quite open there”, said Adam “Unwooded”.

“He’ll see more of the countryside when he goes on the wild boar hunt too”, said Bardin.

“Are you going on that too Bardy?” asked Bengo.

“No”, said Bardin “I’ll leave it to Mieps and Hillyard, and I think Rumble wants to go as well”.

Hillyard gave Bardin a massage I his cabin. His back felt stiff from being bent over knees so much.

“I suppose there’s no point me telling you to go a bit easier”, said Hillyard, feeling like a doctor with a stubborn patient.

“No”, said Bardin, into his pillow.

“Oh well if it does you good”, Hillyard gave a longsuffering sigh “I’ve given up trying to get you lot to see sense”.

“I wear my shorts, so my bum gets some protection”, said Bardin.

On getting back to their cabin, he had washed out his shorts, and they were now draped over the water-jug to dry.

“You sure you won’t come on the night-hunt?” said Hillyard “We’d love to have you with us”.

“No, I don’t think I could concentrate enough”, said Bardin “I feel like I’m going through some sort of spiritual cleansing, as Kieran would probably put it”.

“Well he goes through them all the time!” said Hillyard “Usually at the hands of old Jobe!”

Hillyard massaged him in silence for a few minutes. He relished the feel of Bardin’s slender, acrobat’s body. Bardin lay there, feeling Hillyard’s strong, capable hands running over him, and also reliving in his head the afternoon’s antics. He had enjoyed it all, but most particularly the outdoor spanking. He felt as though he had been caught by Adam, tossed unceremoniously over his knee, and had his backside tanned to be taught a lesson.

He was disturbed out of his reverie by a light knock on the door. Toppy crept in.

“Sorry to interrupt, Captain”, he said “But Rumble’s brought a message back from town for Hillyard. Jarvis the landlord says the boar-hunt is off”.

“How come?” said Hillyard.

“He didn’t give a reason”, said Topy “Just said they couldn’t do it this time round”.

“OK thanks”, said Hillyard.

“Disappointed?” said Bardin, when Toppy had gone again.

“Nah”, said Hillyard “I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied round here. Anyway, there’ll be another one at some point”.

“I’m quite relieved actually”, said Adam, as they were preparing breakfasts early the next morning “I didn’t fancy the idea of doing a sort of hog-roast in this heat”.

“I don’t like it anyway”, said Joby “Too salty”.

“Ta-da!” Hoowie appeared in the doorway, giving a twirl round in his sarong.

“So?” said Bengo.

“So, you lot might think old Bardin’s the cats-whiskers when it comes to sexiness”, said Hoowie.

“So do you”, said Bengo “Or you wouldn’t keep trying to hassle him into bed”.

“But he don’t wear a sarong does he”, said Hoowie “Not anything you can rip off him easily like this. Here, give it a go”.

“Hoowie, go and calm down”, said Adam “We have breakfasts to do”.

“Rip my sarong off first”, said Hoowie.

“Oh very well”, Adam grabbed the garment and yanked it away with a tearing of fastening-tape, revealing Hoowie in all his glory.

“Yes, very nice dear, now run along”, said Adam, smacking him on the behind “Or I swear I shall go insane before long!”

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